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Dr. Johnson's High-Speed Digital Design Courses Soon To Be Online

Signal Consulting, Inc. has recently finished editing a video collection of Dr. Johnson's course offerings, all filmed in high-definition quality by a professional documentary film crew before a live audience. The collection comprises 36 hours of recorded material, with student handouts and outlines. For those of you who want to use the material for other purposes, we include a full set of instructor powerpoint slides with animations.

We now in the process of selecting one suitable University or Corporate sponsor willing to place the entire collection in the public domain at very low cost to the viewer. If your company in interested in being considered as the sponsor, please email Liz <>.

Keep checking back here, or add your name to our contact list, and we will let you know when the collection is available.

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PLL Response Time

A PLL is a tracking device. When its input changes, the PLL responds, but not instantly. The time it takes for a PLL to respond to a step change in its input is called the response time. From the response time you can derive the PLL tracking bandwidth.

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Clips from film: Xilinx Rocket IO

Preview excerpts from the film Mixed-Signal Isolation.

Media Player File: 5.6MB, .wmv format, runtime 3 min. File is highly compressed, actual movie plays in full DVD quality.

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